A letter from the president...

Welcome to the website of Assistance League of San Luis Obispo County!

Please take some time and look through these pages. They represent very well who we are and what we do. Or you may choose to go directly to the issue(s) most important to you listed on this home page. We have two philanthropic programs: Operation School Bell® with its sub-programs Sue's Stars and Operation Bookshelf, and the Homeless Collaboration. Assistance League clothed over 1,600 children in need in the county in 2013-2014. We provide new school clothing to kindergarten - 8th grade children in all ten (10) school districts in our county. Beginning with school year 2014-2015 we added 9th -12th grade students to our program.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources. Our chapter holds a fashion show luncheon, has a direct mailer, and most recently added an Electronic Mail Fundraiser. Other funding is provided by event sponsorships; grants and donations from foundations, service organizations, and municipalities; and through the generosity of private contributors. All funding stays within our county. As is required in all endeavors that want to continue and prosper, we are constantly evaluating our efforts, performance and the needs of the community we serve.

The world of the all-volunteer nonprofit is unique and is becoming more and more rare. We are a 501(c) (3) corporation and do all the same things for-profit corporations do. We agree upon a goal, plan a strategy with all the considerations of time and funding of how to achieve it, assign committees and officers responsibilities of oversight and go to work. You cannot image the satisfaction when these goals are achieved and you realize not one dollar in salary has been paid. It seems like magic!

That magic is the commitment made by our extraordinary, 100 plus volunteers. Few of us have the opportunity to "make a difference" in the life of a child outside of our own family. Assistance League is the vehicle to do just that. Please click on our short video shown below to learn more. Consider attending one of our monthly membership meetings.

Best wishes,

Gail Stoneburg


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